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Andrew Breitbart in his own words…

Based on the response I’ve received via Twitter and at BlogCon CLT, people really like the typographical portrait of Andrew Breitbart I did. I’m actually a little stunned that it got such a great reaction but I’m happy it did. Thanks for all the compliments.

As I said when presenting the portrait, I didn’t really know Andrew very well but I was fortunate enough to have met him a couple of times at CPAC. I wanted to create a design in his honor to show my appreciation for all he did and the movement he started. A typographical portrait seemed like the best idea because Andrew was known for what he said, and he did what he said. His words are who he is and constructing a portrait using words said by him (or associated with him) seemed appropriate.

I designed t-shirts for the previous BlogCon events in DC and Denver. They were fun and snarky like Tabatha Hale’s “Legion of Doom” or the “Kruiser Kabana We Much” shirts. This design started out as something to go on a t-shirt but along the way I decided I wanted it to be something a little more than that. I wanted to create something to give to the team who Andrew assembled and who carry on the work he started.

Below is a screen cap of the design as printed. A lot of requests are coming in for t-shirts and posters. I still need to figure out what is the best way to make the design available to people.

Andrew Breitbart Typographical Portrait

Andrew Breitbart by Gage SkidmoreMy thanks to FreedomWorks and the Franklin Center for giving me the opportunity to present the portrait. Also thanks go to Gage Skidmore who took the photo upon which I based the design and made it available via wikipedia commons.

I’m also thankful to the Imagination Center in Frederick, Maryland for doing a great job printing and mounting the piece with a short turnaround time.



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