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Climate Skeptics, Your Brains Just Aren’t Fully Evolved

Jun 19, 2015 - Environment & Energy, Science - 0 Comments - Standard

Let’s face it. If you’re not freaking out over climate change, there’s something wrong with your brain. At least that’s what the climate alarmists think. Brian Merchant’s article at’s Motherboard blog, “Apocalypse Neuro: Why Our Brains Don’t Process the Gravest Threats to Humanity” discusses the ways primitive brains just can’t handle the looming threat of climate […]

Maryland Democrats Seek Statewide Bag Tax and Here’s Why

Mar 08, 2013 - Environment & Energy, Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

Maryland Democrats want to make the “free” state the only state in the union with a statewide bag tax. The tax would cost shoppers 5 cents for every disposable shopping bag–both paper and plastic– they use when buying groceries or other merchandise. Montgomery County already has such a tax in place and as you might […]

Disaster of Biblical Proportions Imminent if O’Malley’s Pet Windfarm Isn’t Built

Feb 05, 2013 - Environment & Energy, Maryland, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

While promoting his pet project to build wind farms off the coast of Maryland, known liar, Governor Martin O’Malley resorted to his typical irrational hyperbole. The governor’s estranged relationship with the truth has never been more evident. Apparently he’s so desperate to pump state tax dollars to his friends that he’ll make any wild claim […]

Arguing with Idiots

Oct 22, 2012 - Environment & Energy, Politics, Technology - 0 Comments - Standard

I had the misfortune of sitting amongst a group of left wing Chris Van Hollen supporters while recording video of debates between candidates running in MD-6 and MD-8 this evening. I was able to keep my mouth shut…for the most part. After the debates, while I was packing up my video gear, there was one […]

One Judge to Decide Whether Radical Environmentalists Succeed in Destroying a Maryland Family Farm

Oct 10, 2012 - Environment & Energy, Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

Despite the fact that the original basis for their lawsuit was proven to be false, the Waterkeeper Alliance is still pressing forward with their lawsuit against a Maryland farm family. From the Drover’s Cattle Network: The Waterkeeper Alliance’s lawsuit dates back to 2009 when another environmental group, the Assateague Coastkeeper, flew a plane over Kristin […]

Do We Want Free Enterprise in Maryland? Frack, Yes!

Sep 26, 2012 - Environment & Energy, Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

The Al Gore of Montgomery Village is still pushing for his ban on hydraulic fracturing in parts of Maryland he does not represent. The more I read about these anti-fracking activists, the more it becomes clear that their main concern isn’t the environment, per se, it’s competition for their own ideas for how to exploit […]

Another Democrat Contradicting Himself On Tape

Mar 22, 2012 - Environment & Energy, Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

This week we’ve seen DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught blatantly lying about her claim that Republicans wanted to “literally” drag us back to the days of the Jim Crow laws. Now Chris Van Hollen, one of Maryland’s collection of Democrat hacks, has suddenly discovered that the world oil market drives gas prices. Van Hollen cites […]