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Bernie Sanders sounds like Lance Link

May 26, 2015 - Humor, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Video

If you’re old enough to remember Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, you may be wondering why far left Senator Bernie Sanders (and now presidential candidate) sounds familiar to you.

But you don’t LOOK Republican

Mar 29, 2014 - Politics, Social Media - 0 Comments - Standard

Former Secret Service Agent and current candidate for Congress in MD-6, Dan Bongino put an interesting question to his followers today. People tell me I don't "look" like a Republican. Just curious, what does a Republican "look" like? — Dan Bongino (@dbongino) March 27, 2014

ZOMG An Argentinian Jesuit Who Took a Vow of Poverty Doesn’t Understand Economics The Same Way as an American Tea Party Conservatarian.

Nov 27, 2013 - Faith, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

As a Catholic and a firm believer that capitalism is the best of all possible economic systems, I still can’t deny that there exists within a capitalist system corruption, evil and cronyism. People are part of capitalism so obviously their fallen nature is part it as well. If your conservative Christian mindset can’t withstand that […]

Blogger, Artist Exposing Baltimore’s Slumlords

Jun 11, 2013 - Arts, Maryland, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Baltimore Slumlord Watch is engaging the community artistically to call attention to the problem of dangerous vacant houses in the city. Art aimed to shame: activist and street artist team up on vacants Baltimore Vacants: A Documentary from Tarek Turkey on Vimeo. You can support the project and the associated documentary film by contributing here: Wallhunters: […]


Apr 28, 2013 - Maryland, Politics, Uncategorized - 0 Comments - Standard

At a park scheduled to become a new elementary school, Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamenetz showed true Democrat colors this week when confronted by citizens who oppose the construction. Protesters say county officials have refused to meet with them so Kamenetz shouting, “It’s my job to talk and your job to listen,” probably was absolutely […]

Maryland GOP Official Boasts About Anti-New Media Stance

Apr 21, 2013 - Maryland, Media, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

After interim chair Diana Waterman narrowly won the election to officially become the next Maryland GOP chair, it didn’t take long for her attack dog, John Wafer, to (somewhat ironically) take to social media to boast about defeating a “negative blogger campaign.” In the run up to the party convention, Wafer cast a lot of […]

MD GOP’s New Media Strategy: Deny Bloggers Media Credentials for Convention

Apr 18, 2013 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

The leadership of the Maryland Republican Party continues to make itself look ridiculous. Whether it’s conceding defeat to campaign in other states in 2012, having it’s previous chairman resign and flee the state to run for office in West Virginia, or chasing Governor O’Malley’s larval presidential campaign around the country, there isn’t much reason for […]

Dan Bongino Endorses Greg Kline for Maryland GOP Chair

Apr 12, 2013 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

On Facebook today, Dan Bongino gave his endorsement to Greg Kline for Maryland GOP Chairman. We have an important decision to make. During next Saturday’s MDGOP Spring Convention, the Party will be selecting a new Chairman. I believe the best choice to turn this Party around and put us on a path to future electoral […]

Maryland: Cronyism for Some, Central Planning for All!

Apr 10, 2013 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

Maryland is a great state to do business as long as you’re in a business who has found favor with the Democrat Machine in Annapolis. Getting more Hollywood exposure certainly wouldn’t hurt Marty Owe’Malley’s presidential ambitions, therefore: Maryland triples film tax incentive to woo Hollywood production Maryland’s House of Delegates passed the bill increasing the […]

“Climate Change” Indoctrination as Professional Development

Apr 08, 2013 - Education, Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

Teachers in Maryland can now attend classes for professional development which will better enable them to indoctrinate your children with left wing environmental politics. I guess that’s not all that surprising in Maryland though since climate change/global warming orthodoxy is now a graduation requirement in the increasingly poorly nicknamed Free State. Did last summer’s heat, […] Becoming a Sad Shadow of its Late Founder

Apr 04, 2013 - Arts, Culture, Politics, Tea Party - 0 Comments - Standard

When the online flap about Ben Howe’s critique of the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) video A Movement On Fire began I sort of understood it. I understand that a lot of people have animosity toward BuzzFeed where Howe posted his critique and disagree with his choice of posting it there. Not everyone is going to grasp […]