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It’s a GOOD thing. Even if it’s not.

Toure’, the pretentiously single-named Obama apologists over at MSNBC tweeted his support for drone strikes against Al Qaeda (something he apparently opposed until recently).

Anyway, the double standard with which these leftist media hacks treat Obama has always reminded me of a story I read a long time ago.¬† In the story, a young boy named Anthony is somehow omnipotent and can make things happen just by wanting them to be. The suspense is palpable as everyone placates the child, telling him what they think he wants to hear for fear of upsetting him and becoming a victim of his all-powerful whims. Everything Anthony does is a GOOD thing. It’s clear that this situation has existed for a long time in the story, yet the townspeople still nervously maintain their facade of praise for Anthony.

You’re probably familiar with it. it was made into an episode of The Twilight Zone and was remade as part of The Twilight Zone movie. The original short story is called It’s a Good Life and it was written by Jerome Bixby.

“You know,” Dad went on. “It’s nice to have the new things around. It’s nice to think that there’s probably still a lot of stuff nobody’s found yet, in cellars and attics and barns and down behind things. They help, somehow. As much as anything can help ”

“Sh-h!” Mom glanced nervously around.

“Oh,” Dad said, smiling hastily. “It’s all right! The new things are good! It’s nice to be able to have something around you’ve never seen before, and know that something you’ve given somebody else is making them happy … that’s a real good thing.”

“A good thing,” his wife echoed.

“Pretty soon,” Aunt Amy said, from the stove, “there won’t be any more new things. We’ll have found everything there is to find. Goodness, that’ll be too bad ”


“Well–” her pale eyes were shallow and fixed, a sign of her recurrent vagueness. “It will be kind of a shame no new things

“Don’t talk like that,” Mom said, trembling. “Amy, be quiet!

“It’s good,” said Dad, in the loud, familiar, wanting-to-be-overheard tone of voice. “Such talk is good. It’s okay, honey don’t you see? It’s good for Amy to talk any way she wants. It’s good for her to feel bad. Everything’s good. Everything has to be good . .

Anthony’s mother was pale. And so was Aunt Amy–the peril of the moment had suddenly penetrated the clouds surrounding her mind. Sometimes it was difficult to handle words so that they might not prove disastrous. You just never knew. There were so many things it was wise not to say, or even think–but remonstration for saying or thinking them might be just as bad, if Anthony heard and decided to do anything about it. You could just never tell what Anthony was liable to do.

Everything had to be good. Had to be fine just as it was, even if it wasn’t. Always. Because any changes might be worse. So terribly much worse.

Clearly the people in the story are motivated primarily by fear, whereas Obama’s media thralls act out of ideology. Still, when they praise Obama for things for which they would have condemned Bush, I can’t help but hear: It’s good. Everything’s good. Everything has to be good. Even if it’s not.

If you’re interested you can read the whole story online.

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