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“Jackpot” Sobhani Remaining Sleazy to The End.

Yesterday as Red Maryland reported, the “Jackpot” Rob Sobhani campaign wangled Republican Delegate and chair Neil Parrott and a spokesperson for Republican Delegate Pat McDonough into participating in a “tele-townhall” meeting about the referendum questions on this year’s ballot. Sobhani didn’t have a position on any of those questions until after buying his way on to the ballot. Now suddenly he was leading a town hall meeting featuring the two Republicans most associated with getting those questions on the ballot. This allowed Sobhani in subsequent robo-calls to drop the names of Dan Bongino supporters creating the impression that they were supporting Sobhani and not Bongino.


Especially considering the fact that Sobhani himself has avoided taking a firm stand on any of the ballot questions, dismissing them with an air of I’m an Independent™ and won’t lower myself to the level of the two party system. Chances that Sobhani would have followed through with his “townhall” if it didn’t give him an opportunity to drop Republican names and confuse voters? Zero.

Pressure via social media convinced Parrott and McDonough to release statements reaffirming their endorsements of Dan Bongino which hopefully will mitigate at least some of the damage caused by this major misstep.

Over at The Examiner, Jim Simpson writes a great summation of the shenanigans of Rob Sobhani’s campaign for Senate.  Simpson also delves into the nature of the “jackpot” Sobhani credits as his reason for running. Perhaps the most thought provoking part of Simpson’s article is the final few paragraphs:

The only possible rational explanation for Sobhani’s entering the race is to be a spoiler for Bongino, and that is exactly what he has done. But why?

Sobhani likes those “public-private partnerships” that Obama loves so much. You know, like Solyndra and TracFone. Mark these words: Rob Sobhani will “hit the jackpot” in a “public-private” partnership with an unnamed foreign entity, miraculously arranged by contacts at the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South and Central Asian Affairs, where Senator Cardin just happens to have a seat – after the election.

After all, that’s the way it’s done in Azerbaijan.

Sobhani won’t win the Senate election but he may have spoiled conservative’s best chance in a long time to make some serious change in this state. Rest assured that we don’t have a Senator-elect Dan Bongino on November 7 (or even if we do), we will be watching Jackpot Sobhani and “his friend Ben.”

The conservative new media in Maryland is just getting started.

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