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Next Time You “Hit the Jackpot” Rob Sobhani, Just Buy Another House

Watching the video interview of Rob Sobhani by Len Lazarick posted by On The Hill Media this week one can’t help but think that Rob Sobhani believes the reason why America is in such dire straits is that he never gained any political traction as a Republican.

You see, it’s “labeling” that is killing America. It’s not overspending, a ballooning $16 trillion deficit, a massive takeover of the health care system by federal bureaucrats, fraud-ridden entitlement programs that are rapidly headed toward bankruptcy, or even a President and a Senate who think the solution is more of the same. None of those things are why Americans feel despair and economic anxiety. It’s “frustration with the two-party system” according to Sobhani.

If you weren’t already convinced that his Senate run might be little more than an ego-trip he embarked upon after he “hit the jackpot” this year, this insipid justification for buying his way onto the ballot as an unaffiliated should do it. Only someone seeking to rationalize his completely self centered decision could use such tortured reasoning.

Of course, there is reason to suspect that something more unsavory is at work. Sobhani’s promises of large amounts of private money coming to Maryland if he’s elected frankly just sound crooked as hell. Who’s money is it? What has Sobhani promised them in return that he can only deliver as a U.S. Senator? This whole thing just stinks.

A clear choice between more free market economic liberty (Dan Bongino) or a centrally planned government-run economy (Ben Cardin) was already there for Maryland voters. Sobhani simply isn’t needed in this race by anyone other than Sobhani (or maybe Cardin who is most likely to benefit from this nonsense in the end).

Yet, he has jumped in with his nebulous plans to bring private investment into Maryland (which isn’t the role of a U.S. Senator in any civics book I know of) and with his woefully naive idea that if Democrats and Republicans just worked together, gosh darn it, everything would be just fine.¬†If hell does freeze over and Sobhani wins this election and begins pushing his Disney Channel agenda in Harry Reid’s Senate, he will look like a marshmallow Peep thrown into a wood chipper.

Next time you “hit the jackpot,” Rob, do¬†Maryland a favor and just buy another house.

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