Jan 11, 2011 - 0 Comments - Humor, Media, Politics -

Sequel to Angry Birds Announced

Angry LibsIn Angry Libs, the long awaited sequel to the wildly popular Angry Birds, you control your favorite liberal journalists as they try to recover their media monopoly from the pigs in the new media.

These libs are angry. They’ll launch anything–even their journalistic integrity–at the pigs, hoping to regain their stranglehold on the news. The red faced Chris Matthews is just a boring ballistic projectile but as the game progresses the player earns access to other weapons of truth destruction.

The yellow Keith Olbermann bird uses his speed to run from arguments of substance while the blue Jon Stewart bird spawns crowds of hipster birds who add to the mayhem.

The bomb dropping chicken, Paul Krugman, yields heavy damage while staying well clear of any actual confrontation with the enemy.

The Ed Schultz bird has a short fuse and explodes on impact with rational discussions, and Eric Boehlert, the boomerang bird will always change direction to fixate on Fox News (whenever the Breitbart pig is not on screen).

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