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Seriously, Maryland Needs Some Adult Supervision.

Instead of doing something that might actually encourage economic growth and entrepreneurship in Maryland, Governor O’Malley has launched a cheesy gimmick to create the illusion of progress: The InvestMaryland Challenge. The “challenge” comes complete with Governor Marty’s edgy trademark of branding dumb ideas by putting positive sounding words in front of “Maryland” with no space in between and a really ugly logo and website. Our problems are over, folks. Businesses are going to flock to Maryland now, and it only cost us $300 grand. Martin O’Malley is a super genius.

Meanwhile in Montgomery County, Al Gore wannabe, Delegate Shane Robinson has ratcheted up his ill-conceived attack on one of Maryland’s best chances at economic growth NOT dependent on wasteful spending from Washington DC. The Don Quixote of Montgomery Village is tilting at hydraulic fracturing wells with a hip new fundraising page which will presumably help him pay for more junk science, like discredited Josh Fox films and such.

And with the Wendy Rosen vote fraud scandal still stinging their backsides, the Democrats are lashing out at the state Republican chair because of some convoluted rule violation. You would almost think the guy voted twice in separate states during the same year or something.

2014 is coming. We need to put some adults in charge of this state.

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