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Rob Sobhani Reportedly Contradicts His Position on The Dream Act

Rob Sobhani is a slippery character. There are way too many unanswered questions about this guy and his weird agenda. He’s been reluctant to take much of a stand on the major issues energizing Maryland voters.

Now we’re hearing reports that Sobhani is actually contradicting some of his own statements on the Maryland Dream Act.

On October 19, the Capital News Service posted an interview with Sobhani which included the following:

 The immigration system needs to be fixed, said Sobhani. While he is a supporter of the DREAM Act, he said current immigration law needs to be enforced.

I’m hearing from multiple sources that Sobhani contradicted this as a guest on the Pat McDonough radio show yesterday.

Commenting on the Capital News Services post, David Zwald wrote:

“In case you heard Rob Sobhani recently on Pat McDonough’s radio show, he stated that he was NOT in favor of the Dream Act. Here he says he is for it.”

From what I know of Mr. McDonough, I would guess that much of his audience is against Maryland’s Dream Act, so this may be a ham-handed attempt on the part of Sobhani to pander to McDonough’s audience.

I did not hear the show myself but I am trying to obtain audio and will post it if I do.


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