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Creepy cool

May 23, 2014 - Arts - 0 Comments - Standard


A Meme Reborn

Jan 01, 2012 - Humor - 0 Comments - Standard

Hardcore internet geeks will probably remember this meme. The sideways glance of a pudgy Asian kid inspired all sorts of Photoshop parodies. I couldn’t help but notice a resemblance to the new dictator of North Korea.

“The Otter McCain”

Dec 20, 2010 - Humor - 0 Comments - Standard

Every now and then a pun pops into your head and demands a visual representation. I give you…The Otter McCain. (Apologies to Stacy, but one letter makes a big difference.)

Fun with Wombats

Apr 02, 2010 - Humor, Life - 0 Comments - Standard

Hi there! Meet orphaned Karmann, the waving wombat nursed back to health by humans Couldn’t help but have a little Photoshop fun with the pictures of this rescued baby wombat.