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Seriously, Maryland Needs Some Adult Supervision.

Sep 24, 2012 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

Instead of doing something that might actually encourage economic growth and entrepreneurship in Maryland, Governor O’Malley has launched a cheesy gimmick to create the illusion of progress: The InvestMaryland Challenge. The “challenge” comes complete with Governor Marty’s edgy trademark of branding dumb ideas by putting positive sounding words in front of “Maryland” with no space […]

Tax Hikers of the World Unite

Sep 21, 2012 - Maryland, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

New video from the Republican Governor’s Association starring tax happy Martin O’Malley. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is campaigning for Walter Dalton in North Carolina, and it’s little wonder – they both have tax-raising legacies. O’Malley has signed 24 tax and fee hikes in just five years as Maryland’s governor, and now he wants to see […]

Maryland GOP and AFPMD fail to grasp the “Cede no ground” sentiment among conservatives. #mdcons

Sep 12, 2012 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

On Monday I opined about what looks like surrender on the part of the Maryland GOP. Now more big GOP names are encouraging party members to cross the border instead of fighting for Maryland. Former Governor Bob Ehrlich is encouraging Maryland Republicans to go campaign in Virginia with Americans for Prosperity and Harford County Executive, […]

The Maryland GOP Bravely Ran Away

Sep 10, 2012 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

If you’ve ever read this blog or my Twitter feed you won’t be surprised to hear that one thing that gets me steamed is when Republicans concede defeat without even trying to mount a fight. That’s why this piece in The Baltimore Sun truly irks me. With primary battles settled, the conventions over and the […]

Maryland Independent Senate Candidate Figures in Latest CNN Scandal

Sep 05, 2012 - Maryland, Media, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian writes a thorough expose’ of CNN’s dubious journalistic practice of accepting “sponsorships” from the very regimes they are supposedly investigating. The story stems from a former CNN employee, Amber Lyon, blowing the whistle on the practice as it relates to CNN spiking a documentary which is very critical of the […]

How Fair is Your “Fair Shair?”

Sep 05, 2012 - Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

There was a lot of talk last night at the DNC about making people “pay their fair share” of the tax burden. How much is fair though? Take a look at who pays how much in this post from Kristina Ribali at FreedomWorks. (Infographic courtesy of yours truly.) Fair Share – The Truth About Taxes […]

Dan Bongino is Doing What Republican Leadership Should Be Doing.

Jul 30, 2012 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

There’s a reason why a video of a Dan Bongino stump speech has been gaining so much traction this week. He’s doing what a conservative Senator ought to be doing. He’s educating the electorate on why conservative principles are the right principles. He’s not telling people that we probably can’t win. He’s not modifying his […]

How to make a video go viral.

Jul 28, 2012 - Maryland, Media, Politics, Video - 0 Comments - Standard

Simple. Just get one of these: This is the great speech by Dan Bongino I mentioned today at the Ted Cruz rally in Texas. fb.me/1PeFci08V — Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) July 28, 2012 Also get good folks like those at  The Right Scoop, Legal Insurrection, NewsNinja, and RedState to post it for you.  

An interesting contrast in the Maryland U.S. Senate Race

Jun 09, 2012 - Maryland, Politics - 0 Comments - Standard

While Senator Ben Cardin is in Providence, RI this weekend rubbing elbows with our nation’s progressives, socialists, communists, and other far left activists, Dan Bongino is on the ground in Baltimore meeting with Marylanders. Progressive tweeter Ryan Davis live tweets Ben Cardin’s statements made at Netroots Nation 2012: Senator Cardin is merely using the nonsensical […]