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The Dead Have Risen and Are Registering and Voting in Maryland

Scouring the voter rolls and voting records is probably a Herculean task even if the political monopoly controlling your state weren’t in total denial about voter fraud or the potential for voter fraud. However, the watchdog group Election Integrity Maryland (EIM)has undertaken it and the research is already starting to bear fruit.

According to a press release from EIM:

While just scratching the surface of voter roll research, having looked at 35,000 voter registration records so far in Maryland, EIM has discovered 1,566 names of deceased still on the voter rolls.  Of these names, apparently two voted and three registered to vote after their deaths.

So almost 5 percent of the registered voters examined so far are deceased. Given the sample size it may not be reasonable to extrapolate that percentage to the entire population of registered voters but it is certainly evidence that the investigation needs to be continued. That  some of these deceased have actually voted and some have registered AFTER their own death is also rather disturbing.

According to Maryland Reporter, the dead are not the only potential threat to the integrity of Maryland’s elections.

To date, the group has researched 1% of Maryland’s registered voting population in five counties — Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s and Wicomico. Its findings have revealed 1,500 deceased still on active voter registration rolls, nearly 700 duplicate voter registrations — many out of state — and several hundred voters who listed a vacant lot or business address as their residential address. Thousands were identified as having address inconsistencies.

Perhaps you’ve heard of disgraced Democrat congressional candidate Wendy Rosen.

What is equally if not more disturbing is the fact that no on in the Maryland state government apparatus is making an effort to purge the voter rolls of illegitimate voters. (In fact most of Maryland’s elected officials would likely accuse you of being akin to the Ku Klux Klan for even suggesting that it’s necessary.)

Maryland Reporter interviewed EIM president, Cathy Kelleher.

“We are aware that the Board of Elections will not recognize some of our sources,” said Kelleher. “Our job however is not to do their job. We use publicly available data to point them to areas they should be verifying. Only the BOE and the Maryland attorney general can remove anyone from the rolls. We just want them to do the job they are paid for at the board of elections, protect our voting system from fraud.”

“Since no one is looking from the State Board of Elections or even within the legislature, EIM continues to look for evidence of irregularities and fraud,” she said. “With what we have found in just about 1% of the total voter rolls in Maryland, we have only just begun.”

That so many non-eligible voters may remain on the rolls should be sufficient justification for reasonable fixes like Voter ID laws. That the Democrat monopoly in Maryland balks at them and typically responds with ad hominem attacks against those who support them is telling.

It seems perfectly reasonable to assume that those most likely to benefit from voting irregularities are the people who would most vocally oppose preventing them.

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