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Welfare Denies People the Dignity and Happiness of Earned Success

A person receiving government assistance might have to practically double their income from employment in order to have the same net income without welfare. What incentive is there for a person to get ahead if they actually do better on welfare than people who earn more money? There is a serious problem when people who take more responsibility for themselves can end up doing worse overall than those who don’t.

Additionally, evidence suggests that earned success has more value to the human person than comparable economic comfort due to government welfare.

As my friend Jon Gabriel writes:

Ultimately, this is the greatest crime of the American welfare state. Not the dwindling dollars and cents on a balance sheet but the dimming spark in the eyes of the men, woman and children who have abandoned the hope of working toward their own success. That hope has been replaced with a government check — a bimonthly message from Washington, D.C. that says, “no, you can’t.”

(Infographic by yours truly.)

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