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Who is really getting played here?

So Jason Levin and his alleged crew of organizers want to crash the tea parties.

This has the needle on my baloney detector oscillating randomly. Far be it from me to assume that the blatant stupidity of a strategy proposed by the left is evidence that said strategy is really just a put on, but the blatant stupidity in this case at least makes me wonder. What is to be gained by infiltrating Tea Parties and outwardly behaving like the phony media stereotype? If executed wisely it could perhaps negligibly help the left wing’s cause of furthering the media caricature of tea partiers but the key word there is “wisely.” The wisdom of this alleged movement is questionable for a couple of reasons.

First, the media will portray tea parties as racist bigot homophobe gatherings with or without the help of clandestine liberal dweebs with delusions of cleverness. The supposed party crashers are at a very high risk of being exposed as phonies. EVERYONE in the tea party movement is on to the plan and after the failed attempt to convince the world that tea parties shouted racial epithets at some Congressmen video and audio recording devices will be even more ubiquitous at future events. If these crashers are for real, they WILL be exposed by the new media. If the exposure is blatant enough the DNC owned network media may even be shamed into covering it as well. For the crashers, the risk seems to outweigh the potential reward, in my opinion.

Second, the announcement of their strategy on the internet is the height of stupidity if they really do expect to pull off their charade. The announcement has been documented and this gives tea party supporters a convenient response to any criticism of any anti-social or foolish looking behavior. Every truther, birther, misspelled or grammatically incorrect sign, etc. can be written off as being the work of Jason Levin and his crashers–even the few REAL nuts on the tea party side can be so identified. Levin’s statement of intent has given the tea party cover for any fringe nut who happens to be caught on film.

The net effect of the tea party crasher scheme seems to be in the tea party’s favor.

So what’s really going on here? Is it really a left wing strategy being executed with laughable stupidity? Could be. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Is it the work of conservatives pretending to be left wing saboteurs in order to gain the media advantage described above? If you’ve read any of Jason Levin’s web site, it shouldn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. The forum is a parody of itself. It’s difficult to take seriously.

Or maybe it’s a hoax. Have left wingers baited a trap with plausible deniability? Are they waiting for tea partiers to dismiss nutcases as infiltrators in order to reveal that there really was no infiltration?

Ultimately I’m not very concerned about tea party crashers having any real impact on the movement, but it’s interesting what sort of bizarre possibilities arise when you attempt to apply logic and reason to the behavior of the left. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. The left is most entertaining when they are losing and desperate for attention.

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